Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

INOV INSURANCE S.L informs you about the use of cookies on the website (hereinafter, the Website); if you continue browsing it, you are accepting the Cookie and Privacy Policy that we will describe below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files or pieces of information that are stored on your computer through your browser, in order to allow smoother and personalized navigation.

Why do we use cookies?

Thanks to these cookies, for example, you can avoid having to log in every time you visit a website, or it allows us to know your preferences and thus we can show you advertising related to your tastes (avoiding advertising that has nothing to do with you).

What types of cookies are there?

To help you understand these mechanisms, we detail below the different types of existing cookies, both those for which we need your consent, as well as those that are necessary for the basic functionality of the Website:

Technical cookies: they are necessary and are strictly intended to allow you to navigate the website. This type of cookies includes, for example, cookies that are used when entering with your user data in order to track the data entered by the user when filling out online forms, or those necessary to manage website statistics.

Cookies necessary to provide a specific service expressly requested by you as a user: as an example, these will be the cookies that allow access to a private area of ​​the website associated with your profile, content publication, shopping cart, etc.

Cookies managed by third parties for the customization of advertising spaces or use of Social Plugins: this type of cookies allows us to adapt the different advertising sections that may appear on the website according to your tastes and interests in order to personalize the website environment as much as possible according to your specific characteristics.

In particular, for browsing on the Website the following cookies are used:

  • Own cookies We use session identification cookies to confirm that users are logged in. These cookies are disabled when the user closes the browser. An additional cookie (CookieGLM) remembers consent to the privacy policy so that the user is not notified again.
  • Third-party cookies
    • Google Analytics cookies Application that we use to obtain and analyze browsing information (Google Analytics, Google cookies)
      This application has been developed by Google, which provides us with the audience analysis service for our page. This company may use this data to improve its own services and offer services to other companies. You can learn about these other uses from the links provided.
      This tool does not collect data on the names or surnames of users or on the postal address from which they connect. The information obtained is, for example, related to the number of pages visited, the language, the social network on which our news is published, the city to which the IP address assigned to users accessing belongs, the number of users who visit us, the frequency and recurrence of visits, the duration of the visit, the browser used, the operator or type of terminal from which the visit is made.
    • DoubleClick cookies Third-party cookies are associated with a domain independent of the site visited by a user. DoubleClick cookies are associated with, the DoubleClick domain. When a browser visits a site that displays DoubleClick ads, the browser is not on a site in the DoubleClick domain. Thus, the DoubleClick server becomes a third-party server, and the cookies sent by the server in this context are called third-party cookies.
    • Facebook cookies Elements such as cookies and similar technologies (for example, information about your device or a pixel placed on a website) allow us to understand and deliver ads, make them more relevant, and analyze products and services and their use.
      For example, cookies allow us, our partners, and affiliates to show you ads that may interest you on Facebook services or on other websites or mobile apps. We may also use a cookie to see if someone who saw an ad on Facebook services then makes a purchase on the advertiser’s website or installs the advertised app. Similarly, our partners may use cookies or similar technologies to see if we displayed an ad and how it performed, or to provide us with information about your interaction with them. We may also work with an advertiser or its marketing partners to show you ads on Facebook services or on other media, for example, after visiting the advertiser’s site or app, or show you an ad based on the websites you visit or the apps you use (across the entire internet ecosystem and mobile devices).
      We may also use cookies to provide advertisers with statistics about people who see and interact with their ads, who visit their websites, and use their apps.
      Learn more about the data we receive, how we decide which ads to show you on Facebook services and other media, and the controls you have.
    • Yandex.Metrica cookies Application that we use to obtain and analyze browsing information (Yandex.Metrica, Yandex.Metrica terms of service)
      This application has been developed by Yandex.Metrica, which provides us with the audience analysis service for our page. This company may use this data to improve its own services and offer services to other companies. You can learn about these other uses from the links provided.
    • MediaMath cookies At MediaMath, we believe it’s important to provide transparency so you have a better idea of the data we can collect and so you can make informed decisions.
      While you’re on an ad from our platform, MediaMath doesn’t collect data such as name, address, phone number, or social security number. MediaMath collects non-personal and pseudonymous data from your PC or device. In some jurisdictions, the IP (Internet Protocol) address and other information may also be collected to make ads more relevant and to analyze products and services and their use.
      MediaMath uses this information to target ads and measure their effectiveness on behalf of MediaMath advertisers. The information collected includes common data found in every communication sent over the internet and from which data such as:
      • Browser type (e.g., Chrome or Internet Explorer)
      • Operating system (e.g., MAC or Windows)
      • Browser language
      • Internet service provider
      • Advertising identifier for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones)

      MediaMath may also collect data about your interactions with our clients and partners, including the use of our clients’ websites and mobile apps, the sites and apps on which clients serve ads, and other pages on the internet. We may also collect additional data for statistical purposes.

      Get more information about the data we receive and how we process this information at MediaMath.

    • Google Tag Manager The use of Google Tag Manager (the “Service”) is subject to the Google Tag Manager Usage Policy (the “Google Tag Manager Usage Policy”).
      If the User uses the Service to support third-party or User-designed products or services (collectively referred to as “Third-party Tags”) or by Google, the User must have an appropriate privacy policy and comply with it, as well as comply with the European Union User Consent Policy (available at and all applicable agreements and regulations (also regarding the collection of information) such as:
    • If the User provides Third-party Tags via the Service:

      • Google is not responsible for these tags.
      • Google may analyze these tags to ensure they comply with the Google Tag Manager Usage Policy.
      • The User warrants that they have the necessary rights to upload Third-party Tags.
      • The User agrees not to use the Service or its interfaces, nor to allow third parties to do so, for purposes such as:
        1. Engaging in illegal, defamatory, harmful, or infringing activities or promoting them.
        2. Disabling or circumventing any aspect of the Service or interfering with it.
        3. Uploading personal data into Google Tag Manager that personally identifies an individual (such as name, email address, or billing information) or other data that Google can reasonably associate with this information.
        4. Accessing another Google product or service in a way that violates its respective terms.

      If the User uses the Main Page of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, they must comply with the Terms of Use for that product available at (or the corresponding URL provided by Google) and any changes thereto (the “Main Page Suite Terms”). However, in accordance with Section 2 of the Main Page Suite Terms, use of the Service will be governed by the Google Tag Manager Terms of Use.

      How we use Google Tag Manager data

      We may collect information about how the Service is used and the type of tags used and their implementation. We may use this data to improve, maintain, protect, and develop the Service as described in our Privacy Policy. However, we will not share this data with other Google products without the User’s consent.

    • Hotjar Hotjar cookies collect standard login information and visitor behavior data anonymously. More information: Cookies stored by hotjar (in English)

      They are used to measure platform activity and profile user browsing habits to make improvements based on user usage data analysis.

We use this information to improve our site, identify new needs, and assess improvements to provide a better service to the users who visit us.

Our website cookies are:

Can I manage cookies?

As a user, you can access your browser’s preferences menu and configure it so that no cookies are installed, delete those already existing, and/or eliminate them before browsing other pages of the website.

You can check the various options available in your browser regarding cookie management: basic functions, website improvements, customization, advertising, etc. Depending on the browser you use, the way to disable cookies may vary. The most common option is to do so through the Options or Tools menu. In any case, we recommend consulting the corresponding settings for your browser.

We remind you that if you refuse to install cookies, this could affect the service and prevent proper, partial, or total use of it.

For your information, we would like to point out that to disable third-party cookies, you can do so via their cookie management pages, such as Adobe Flash or Google Analytics.

In any case, we remind you that if you disable cookies, you may not be able to use certain parts or sections of the website. Finally, we would like to remind you that if you delete cookies from your browser, you will probably need to reactivate them to be able to benefit from all the options offered by the website.

Other aspects

If you continue to browse the website, it will mean that you acknowledge having read the above information and that you authorize INOV to use the different types of cookies mentioned above to allow you full use of the website. If you have any doubts or questions regarding the cookies we use, you can send us your request by email to [email protected].

Updates to our Cookie Policy

We may change this text in the future to adapt it to any legislative or regulatory changes, as well as due to instructions or resolutions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. For this reason, we advise you to periodically read this text to stay informed of its most recent version. In any case, if we make significant changes to this text, they will be communicated to you either via the website or by email for registered users.

To authorize, know, block, or delete cookies installed on your device, you can do so by configuring the options of the browser installed on your computer.

For example, you can find information on how to do this if you use the following browser: