Default Tenant Insurance in Spain

Default Tenant insurance in Spain

Default insurance holds no secrets for Inov Expat, which will be able to guide you to finding the best default tenant insurance in Spain for you and your family. Please feel free to contact us, we will answer all your questions in the language of your choice: English, French, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

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If you are a homeowner and wish to rent your property with the best profitability and greatest of peace of mind, you need to subscribe a default rental insurance.

This type of insurance offers all the legal guarantees you need to rent out your home without worries:

  • Legal telephone assistance: You will have access to attorneys who can resolve your legal questions and concerns.
  • Defence and appeals relating to your rental contract, for situations of non-payment, damages to your property, guarantee issues, if the tenant does not respect the contract or abandons the property in advance, etc.
  • Access to a specialist attorney to defend your rights in a legal procedure.
  • A guarantee against default rent payments: the insurance company guarantees the rent not paid by the tenant. The assistance period may be between 6 and 18 months, depending on your needs.
  • Locksmith fees in the event of an eviction
  • Structural repairs following vandalism or theft by the tenant.

Inov Expat

We are an insurance brokerage firm that works with more than 20 insurance companies to be able to offer you default tenant insurance in Spain that is particularly well suited to your needs at the best price. We will assist you with all phases of your default tenant insurance, answering all your questions and, above all, acting as your liaison to defend your interests against insurance companies in the event of a claim.

Don’t think twice about contacting us if you need information on the policies and guarantees offered.