Travel insurance and COVID19: what does my travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance

Travel insurance and COVID19: what does my travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance and COVID19: what does my travel insurance cover?

Travelling with the coronavirus has become a real odyssey. Fear and the closure of the perimeter of several regions of Spain have led many travellers to prefer to postpone their visits or cancel flights already booked until the curve of this new wave drops. Many travel insurance companies have included COVID-19 in their coverage to reduce people's uncertainty about a possible contagion. However, the preventive PCR test before departure is excluded from the contract in travel insurance.

Does my travel insurance cover me if I contract COVID-19 during my trip?

Most travel insurances offer medical coverage in case of COVID-19 infection during a trip, covering medical expenses up to the limit indicated in the insurance contract. Coverage will include:

  • Diagnostic tests prescribed by medical professionals
  • Medical assistance
  • Hospitalization
  • Extension of stay in case the traveller has to be quarantined
  • Repatriation
  • Travel for an accompanying person in case of hospitalisation

If I become ill during the trip with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, does the insurance cover a PCR test?

If, during the trip, the traveller develops symptoms of COVID19, the necessary tests will be carried out for the diagnosis (including PCR) of this or any other disease. Always assessed and prescribed by a physician.

Hospitalization, if necessary, is also covered, as well as hotel accommodation if you do not require treatment in a health centre, but must remain in quarantine due to a diagnosis of COVID-19.

What happens if I travel to a destination where a COVID-19 test is required on arrival and I test positive?

The necessary medical assistance will be covered by most insurance companies, as well as the cost of extending the insured's stay in the hotel (in case of a COVID-19 diagnosis).

In case of an extension of your stay, you will be granted another return ticket in case you missed your initial return trip due to quarantine.

If I test positive for COVID during the trip, is my companion, who is also an insured, covered?

The repatriation of the companion to the place of origin is covered, as well as that of the insured.

What happens if I lose my return ticket because I was admitted to hospital or had to extend my stay in a hotel?

In case you lose your original return ticket because you have to stay in quarantine due to "COVID-19", the insurance companies will pay for the return tickets.

If a border closure or quarantine is imposed in the country of origin/destination of the trip, and I am unable to make my trip, is this covered?

At the moment, these circumstances are not included in most insurance contracts in Spain. However, we recommend that you check your insurance policy or contact your insurance broker to confirm coverage.

If I cannot return to my home country because the authorities in the destination country have ordered it, does the cover apply?

Yes, the travel extension cover is included in the insurance policy and up to the limit covered by the contract.

Can I cancel my trip if I am diagnosed with COVID-19?

If the insured is diagnosed with COVID-19 by a PCR test within 14 days prior to the trip departure, the insurance covers the cancellation costs in case of not being able to travel on the planned dates. You must have taken out cancellation cover when you purchased your travel insurance.

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