Everything you need to know about Professional Liability Insurance

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Everything you need to know about Professional Liability Insurance

Everything you need to know about Professional Liability Insurance

No one is exempt from making a mistake or neglecting a detail, which is why it is essential for a company to have Professional Civil Liability insurance adapted to its activity.

What does professional liability insurance cover?

It covers liability derived from errors, omissions or negligence in the performance of professional activity which result in economic, personal or material damage to a third party.

Is professional liability insurance compulsory?

Professional liability insurance will be compulsory for activities related to health care (doctors, dentists, etc.) but also for engineers, architects, technicians, travel agencies or insurance brokers. However, many other activities are likely to need them such as consultants, translators, IT / marketing company because the risks or disputes can be numerous.

Typical example of a professional civil liability claim:

A company hires the services of a marketing consultant to design the new company brochure. Due to an error in the interpretation of e-mails, an older version is printed. The brochures are not correct and cannot be delivered during the official presentation. In this case, the consultant is responsible for the damage caused. Professional liability insurance will cover the repair of this error.

professional liability insurance

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How do I get a professional liability insurance quote?

To receive a professional liability insurance quote, you must provide:

  • CIF / NIE
  • estimated turnover
  • number of employees,
  • activity area

LIBERTY Offer ( until 26/05/2021) :

company civil liability

  • Corte inglés gift card of 30€ for any insurance with a minimum premium of 200 euros, 60€ if premium over 400€/year and 100€ if premium over 600€/year.

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