Pets insurance : How does it work in Spain?

Pets insurance : How does it work in Spain?

Pets insurance : How does it work in Spain?

Pets insurance : In Spain, home insurance covers the civil liability of your pet (dog or cat). However, if your dog appears in the list of dogs declared potentially dangerous by the Spanish state, the law obliges you to take out a civil liability insurance for your animal. Your home insurance does not cover the Civil Liability of these dogs.

Here is the list of the 8 dog breeds declared dangerous in Spain:

-Pit Bull Terrier
-Dogo Argentino
-Staffordshire Bull Terrier
-American Staffordshire Terrier
-Fila Brasileiro
-Tosa Inu
-Akita Inu

There is therefore a legal obligation to take out insurance only for these eight breeds. For the rest, it is up to the owner to choose whether or not to take out insurance for his pet.

Customizable Cover

In Spain, animal insurance is a customizable. The owner of the animal chooses its cover criteria by criteria. There is two main choices: civil liability and veterinary assistance.

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Pets insurance : Why is it important ?

Your pet, like you, needs to be covered and protected. Follow-up visits and vaccines are essential to maintain good health. The budget associated with health can be significant, and it is often advisable to take out insurance. A damage, an accident caused, or a small bite are events that happen more often than you think. The two most popular insurances are civil liability and veterinary assistance.

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