Home insurance in Spain: 10 Frequently asked questions

home insurance

Home insurance in Spain: 10 Frequently asked questions

Home insurance in Spain: 10 Frequently asked questions

How does home insurance work in Spain?

When you are a tenant or owner of a home in Spain, home insurance is almost essential. Here are the advantages and particularities of home insurance.

In Spain, you should know that home insurance is not compulsory. It is mandatory only if the property is mortgaged. In this case, the owner must have insurance that covers at least against fire. Having home insurance guarantees a daily peace of mind as it covers many situations such as a burglary or natural disasters.

Also, thanks to home insurance, the civil liability of the insured is fully covered in case of damage caused to third parties. By definition, civil liability represents the obligation to make reparation for damage caused to another.

For people who rent a home, home insurance will cover furniture, personal effects and civil liability (any damage to a third party and civil liability of the tenant regarding the owner of the home, in case of material damage suffered by the latter as a consequence of a fire or explosion disaster, the responsibility of which is attributed to the tenant).

The walls (building) must be insured by the owner. Please note that this is not always the case since insurance is not compulsory.

How to choose your home insurance?

There are several formulas to adapt to your specific the needs. First, you should know that all contracts include civil liability coverage, legal defense and home assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Can my roommate and I be covered by the same insurance policy?

Yes, it is possible to insure up to 2 roommates on the same home insurance policy.

How to take out the contract?

You will need a NIE or passport to be able to take out an insurance contract. The Spanish bank account is not essential.

What amount is ideal to insure my goods (contents)?

Sufficient coverage will be required to protect all of your contents such as your personal effects, clothing, furniture, computer and electronic equipment. Nothing should therefore be neglected. A tip: take an inventory of all your belongings. You must know that some insurance companies require a minimum of 6.000 € to cover the contents.


How can I reduce my insurance premium?

If you have an alarm system, it may lower your insurance premium.

Subscribing more than one contract with the same company (home and automobile or health, for example), you can usually benefit from a customer reduction.


What is the risk of not having home insurance as a tenant?

The occupant of the home will not receive any compensation for his material damage. If the insured is responsible for material or bodily damage caused to a third party, he will himself assume the compensation costs. This can be a really serious problem in certain situations... Think of it!


Does home insurance renew automatically?

Yes, in Spain home insurance includes a tacit renewal clause. To cancel, you must notify the company or the broker 1 month before the contract expiry date (anniversary date of the insurance contract).


How to declare a claim?

You should contact your insurance company or the insurance broker who manages your contracts. You will have 7 days to make the declaration.

Please note: if you have been the victim of a theft or burglary, you must first go to the police station in order to give the complaint to the company.


Where can I get the best home insurance?

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