Travel Insurance: Why is it so important?

travel insurance

Travel Insurance: Why is it so important?

Travel Insurance: Why is it so important?

Who has never experienced misadventure while traveling? Long delay or loss of luggage, accidents or health problems, etc. Depending on your destination, dealing with these situations can be complicated and costly.

Travel insurance makes it possible to respond to these eventualities and offers coverage formulas that can mainly cover the following risks:

  • Medical, surgical and hospitalization with fees until 100,000 €
  • Unlimited repatriation costs
  • Many other protections such as emergency dentist cover, civil liability, trip cancellation costs, loss of luggage...

Healthcare costs depending on your destination country

Here are two examples of healthcare costs depending on your destination country:

travel insurance

In terms of subscription, several options are available to you, depending on your traveler profile:

  • If you prefer to benefit from medical assistance covering travel medical fees and repatriation costs, you will have to opt for a health travel assistance formula;
  • If you want to cover yourself against any risks that may affect your trip, fully comprehensive travel insurance will be your choice since it offers comprehensive coverage.

There are travel insurance formulas for different durations, covering short and long stays, and guarantees adapted to each type of trip, from pleasure trips to business trips to adventure trips. And if you travel often during the year or want to cover your whole family, you can opt for annual and family packages.

Also, when you decide to take out travel insurance, we advise you not to rush on the cheapest formula. It's really better to focus on the elements contained in the policy and which will correspond to your traveler profile. You'll thank yourself in case of a claim during your trip.


Why take a fully comprehensive travel insurance?

If you travel often during the year, we suggest that you use a fully comprehensive travel insurance formula. You will always be covered and you will have a lot of advantages and different covers for every situation:

  • Annual duration
  • Medical fees abroad (medical, surgical and hospital assistance) up to 100,000 €
  • Emergency dental fees
  • Repatriation or medical transfer without cost limit
  • Extension of stay due to illness or accident
  • Travel and subsistence fees of a family member in case of illness or accident
  • Early return in the event of death or following an unscheduled hospitalization of a loved one
  • Search and dispatch of luggage in case of loss
  • Interpreter service in case of emergency

Finally, whether you are traveling alone, with family or friends, travel insurance will protect you against many unforeseen events. Think about it and travel with peace of mind!

We remain at your disposal for any further information and to send you suitable quotes. If you want to get a free quote for a short stay, single travel or annual formula, you can do it directly online here or contact us by telephone at: + or WhatsApp: +34.627.627.880

You can also take advantage of our new exclusive INOV offer in order to be insured throughout the year and throughout the world for an annual premium of 190 €!

Travel insurance

Inov Expat : Who are we?

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