What is an insurance broker?

insurance broker

What is an insurance broker?

What is an insurance broker?

We often hear that insurance brokers take fees for each service, or that they have less offers ... Well, think again, it is more advantageous to go through an insurance broker than through the insurance company directly, because the broker can make you benefit from a specific solution according to your needs thanks to his collaborations with many insurance companies.

An insurance broker is an intermediary between you and the insurance company. The insurance broker, unlike an agent or employee of the insurance company, does not depend on the insurance company. He is independent and manages all aspects of your contract, from choosing the product to claims management. There is, therefore, no need to be in contact with the insurer. He is aware of the products and offers of most companies and will be able to guide you according to your needs.

An agent works for an insurance company, he only cares about the best interest of the company. Its purpose is to promote its offers. We can therefore say that an agent represents his company while an insurance broker represents the client.

Regarding the insurance prices, the broker offers always exactly the same price of the insurance companies through other distribution channels (exclusive agents, direct sales over the Internet or telephone, etc.). The only difference is that in the case of Inov Expat, we collaborate with more than 20 companies, so our offer is more extensive and diversified.


What happens in the event of a claim?

You only have one thing to do: call your insurance broker. The broker takes care of the complete management, from the declaring the claim to contact of a repairer. He is an expert in this management, who fully understands your rights as well as the guarantees and the amounts of coverage included in your contract. He has a strong position regarding the insurance company, due to his neutrality, his daily claims management and the volume of his sales. He guarantees the defense of your rights in any situation.


What happens if the premium on my insurance increases?

Each year, the price of your insurance (premium) can increase, this is normal and linked to different variables, such as the number of claims, the depreciation of the insured property, the increase in risk, the variation in the CPI… However, it is possible whether this increase is unjustified or excessive, in this case your broker will be able to offer you other solutions and will have more strength to renegotiate your premium . This element significantly differentiates him from other sales channels (internet, agent, direct insurance company).


Inov Expat : Our missions

Comparison as a guarantee of quality

INOV Expat systematically compares the offers of different insurance companies in the Spanish and European markets.

Four comparison criteria: the solvency of companies, their speed of intervention in contract management, the settlement of claims and the quality of products.

Defense of your rights

In case of a disagreement, we'll do the negotiations with the insurance company. Any claim is declared to the Insurance Company and managed by INOV.

Careful selection of our partners

INOV Expat works with the most important insurance companies to guarantee none of our customers have to face problems due to insolvency or mismanagement of the insurance company.


Inov Expat : Who are we?

INOV Expat is an insurance brokerage firm aimed at expatriates in Spain and Portugal

INOV Expat is right there to help you: giving you the best advice on insurance, in English!

In fact, after 14 years, INOV Expat, an insurance brokerage firm, specialises in insurance for French and English-speaking expatriates in Spain and Portugal, at their destinations. As insurance professionals, we’ve signed partnership agreements with the best insurance companies in the market. All INOV Expat consultants are expatriates who will be able to advise you best in the language of your choice (English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese…)

Ask you free quote online : car, health, home, life, travel, others. Look at our website inovexpat.com or contact us by e-mail at [email protected], by telephone at + or WhatsApp +34.627.627.880

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