How to change to Spanish plates ?

change to Spanish plates

How to change to Spanish plates ?

How to change to Spanish plates ?

Problems to change to Spanish plates (car, motorcycle) ? How long can you travel in another EU country without changing license plates ? What taxes do you have to pay in the host country? What procedure should you follow to register your car in another country ?

Good News: If your car has a license plate from UK or Northern Ireland you can insure it for one year and drive legally in Spain without any formalities !

The procedure has changed since 08/06/2017, and it is true that the document provided by the DGT (Dirección Général del Traffico) is not very easy to understand. We have therefore decided to summarize its content more clearly for you. We hope that you will find in this article all the answers to your questions.

Make an appointment

In the first place, it is strongly recommended to make an appointment before even starting to change to Spanish plates.

To make an appointment, fill out the request form on the DGT website:


Be careful, there may be several weeks of waiting.

Once you have the appointment, download this document and complete it, you will need it to get to your appointment.

Taxes: Documents to present at the appointment

Amount of tax to be paid during the meeting:

  • Car: 96.80 €
  • Moped: 27 €

Please note: cash payments are not accepted.

Documents to present:

  • Present proof of payment or exemption from payment of traffic tax, from the city where the applicant resides.
  • Present proof of payment or exemption from payment to the housing tax.

Identity of the applicant: Documents to present

  • Identity card or Passport or Spanish permit or resident card
  • NIE
  • Proof of address

Vehicle identity: documents to present

  • Technical control of the vehicle (paper or electronic version)
  • The sales procedure documents.
  • If the car comes from an auction, you will also have to present the contract.

change to Spanish plates

But pay attention, if your vehicle is part of the list below, the procedure to change to Spanish plates does not stop there.

  • New vehicle acquired in the EU (outside Spain),
  • Used vehicle acquired in the EU (outside Spain),
  • Vehicle acquired in a country outside the EU (outside Spain).

New vehicles acquired in the EU:

Supporting document for payment of VAT (model 309 or 300 from the State tax administration agency) or document certifying the registration of persons liable for VAT and technical sheet issued by the ITV (technical control center of vehicles).

Used vehicles acquired in the EU:

The original documentation of the vehicle, accompanied by:

  • In the case of sale between individuals, purchase contract accompanied by translation and tax on heritage transmissions.
  • If the vehicle is purchased from a seller from a country other than Spain, the invoice showing the VAT number must be presented.
  • If the vehicle is acquired from a Spanish seller, the invoice and the document issued by the tax service, the registration voucher for this activity during the corresponding financial year, must be presented.
  • Technical sheet issued by the ITV (technical vehicle control center).

Vehicles acquired in countries outside the EU:

Original vehicle documentation and Single Administrative Document (DUA) issued by customs, except if the vehicle import procedure is on the ITV card (technical vehicle control).

And then ?

You arrive in Spain, or have been there for some time, and the administrative procedures are linked, one after the other.

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