Health Insurance: Advantages for companies and self-employed workers

health insurance for companies

Health Insurance: Advantages for companies and self-employed workers

Health Insurance: Advantages for companies and self-employed workers

The Spanish health system is in the top 10 worldwide. (Source: Fundación MAPFRE report, 2019). However, the public system is totally overbooked in most of the cities of Spain: reduction of medical staff, increasing waiting lists and saturation of facilities.

This situation makes it increasingly necessary to take out private health insurance to guarantee a rapid access to the best privates centers and direct access to specialists, without any waiting times. Companies are increasingly relying on health insurance because it represents several advantages.

Private Health system

Advantages for the employees :

  • Employee motivation and involvement
  • Flexibility and professional productivity
  • Better medical assistance thanks to the most advanced technologies (personalized video consultations, teleconsultations).
  • Tax advantage of 500 euros per year per insured; this tax advantage applies directly to employees on their pay slips, so they are not taxable up to this amount.

Advantages for the companies :

  • 100% of the cost of health insurance can be deducted as a social expense from corporate tax.
  • Employee loyalty
  • Reduced absenteeism.
  • Salary negotiation tool because of the savings it represents compared to a salary increase of the same amount.

Advantages for the self-employed workers “autónomos”:

For self-employed workers, health insurance is a deductible expense. Thus, if you are self-employed, you can deduct up to 500 euros (per year and insured) from your health insurance not only for your own insurance policy, but also for your spouse and children . You will be able to get this tax benefit when you file your tax return.

self-employed worker


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Correct contingency planning is absolutely necessary to guarantee the continuity and smooth running of your business. Always be advised by professionals. Ask for quotes adapted for your company:

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