Health insurance: take out insurance without filling out a medical form

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Health insurance: take out insurance without filling out a medical form


Health insurance: take out insurance without filling out a medical form

In Spain, it is compulsory to fill out a medical form to take out private health insurance. This step is essential for the insurance company. The company will be able to make a medical selection , with exclusions or deciding not to insure you according to the answers filled in the form (example: cancer or stroke…).

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We will therefore offer you some possible alternatives in this article that will enable you to take out insurance without having to fill in a medical questionnaire; however, the covers are limited as it does not cover hospitalisation or surgery. On the other hand, these insurances will allow you to benefit from the advantages of the private system by being able to consult specialists quickly and without waiting time.

Option nº 1 DKV Famedic: 23,50 €/month/family

DKV Famedic offers medical insurance with which you can have access to the most medical specialties without any deductible, waiting period and without health questionnaire. There is no age limit for taking out this health insurance.
  • Free and unlimited medical visits : general medicine, nursing, paediatrics, gynaecology, ophthalmology, dermatology and traumatology

  • Includes an annual gynaecological check-up (consultation, gynaecological ultrasound and cytology)

  • Access to the “Quiero Cuidarme más” application with which you can have a virtual consultation with a doctor 24 hours a day, either by chat, telephone call or video call.

  • Discounts on the rest of the medical specialities and complementary tests

  • Basic dental coverage included (annual check-up/ x-rays and emergency visits are free of charge in the company’s network and for specific treatments you will have access to some discounts).

  • For only 23.50 € / month per family, up to 8 members


Option nº2: SANITAS MÁS VITAL: 20.90€/month

This insurance is only valid for people over 60 years old, it will cover:

  • General practitioner (GP) and specialist medicine (up to 5 visits per year)

  • Dental coverage (free treatment: annual check-up, x-rays, emergency visits, etc.) and reductions for other dental treatments (implants, fillings, etc.)

  • Pharmacy (reimbursement of 50% of the prescription prescribed by the company, limit of 200€/year)

  • 1 mammogram/prostate ultrasound per year

  • There is no waiting period and there is no “copago” co-payment.


Option nº3: ADESLAS BASICO: from 14,50€/month

It covers medical assistance with a co-payment system:

  • general medicine: 9 euros

  • specialist: 16 euros

  • clinical analyses: 16 euros

  • Medical imaging: 70€-120€.

health insurance without medical form

There will be no waiting period, except for medical imaging (example: magnetic resonance, MRI, amniocentesis…) where the waiting period swill be 3 months.

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It is possible to add the dental option with a supplement of 10,50€/month ( 15€/month for 2 insured) in order to get free treatments (annual check-up, x-rays, emergency visit…) as well as discounts for other dental treatments.

If you don’t have health insurance yet, don’t hesitate to ask us for a comparison of the best health insurance here.

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