How does your insurance work with COVID-19 in Spain ?


How does your insurance work with COVID-19 in Spain ?

How does your insurance work with COVID-19 in Spain ?

The unprecedented crisis we are experiencing because of the Coronavirus involves a lot of uncertainty. The excess of information, "fake news" and a situation that changes every day hinders enormously the access of information. For this reason, we present you in a very simple way a description of your coverage regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Very useful for all our customers of INOV Expat.


assurance santéHealth insurance

Health insurance is at the service of all its insured during the current health crisis generated by COVID-19. Insurance companies are following the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health and private health facilities have made it available to the government.


assurance vieLife insurance

Life insurance covers death from any cause, but it is important to review your policy to see if it excludes cases of pandemic or epidemic. Nevertheless, insurance companies cover coronavirus-related deaths and compensation is paid to the beneficiaries if the policy were contracted before the alert state. This is the case with Axa, Liberty or Asisa.


assurance obsèquesFuneral insurance

Funeral insurance maintains coverage for all insureds. The UNESPA (Spanish Association of Insurers) has requested that the government quickly implement various measures for the proper provision of the service. Among others, calls have been made for appropriate protective equipment for funeral service employees.


assurance voyageTravel insurance

The measures taken by governments around the world in response to the COVID-19 health crisis are having a significant impact on travel insurance coverage. UNESPA has proposed to the Consorcio (insurance compensation consortium) that similar pandemics can be considered as risks covered by the Consorcio. Nevertheless, repatriation will be insured as for any other accident or illness, but the health situation in the country in question may limit the intervention of the insurance company.


assurance autoCar insurance

In case of claim, the insurance companies will take care of the costs. Several false information have circulated on social networks indicating that car accidents are not covered during the state of emergency (Fake news) but the insurance company will cover you even during the state of alert.


The current situation of insurance companies

According to data provided by insurance companies all staff in the sector work from home. In this way, the sector protects the health of its employees and guarantees the continuity of services in the face of the situation created by COVID-19. The vast majority of insurance companies keep their offices and branches closed, with a few exceptions. The same situation applies to intermediaries (agents, brokers, etc.).

The companies have implemented solutions in the event of a claims with video-conferencing systems.


Learn more about Coronavirus

If you would like to have more information about the Coronavirus COVID-19, such as knowing the phone numbers, what to do to avoid contamination and how to proceed if you are infected, we recommend that you read the following articles:

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