Coronavirus COVID-19 : how your insurance is going to help you ?


Coronavirus COVID-19 : how your insurance is going to help you ?

Coronavirus COVID-19 : how your insurance is going to help you ?

The Covid-19 coronavirus, originally known as the Chinese coronavirus or Wuhan pneumonia - the city where the epidemic originated - is keeping the world on alert and has caused an unprecedented health crisis, aggravated by its spread outside China all over the world, including Spain. In this article, we will give you the best advices and above all, how your insurance can help you..

What does mean « Coronavirus » ?

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses discovered in the 1960s but of unknown origin. Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease. At this time, there are no vaccines or treatments.

How to avoid the spread of the virus?

The first important step you should take is to avoid contact with anyone who has been affected or has had contact with an affected person. This also applies to those who have many of the symptoms of the virus:

  • Avoid risky contactssymptoms Coronavirus

  • Hygiene measures

Please have an impeccable lifestyle and wash your hands frequently (Hot water, 20 seconds, all surfaces of the hands, between the fingers but also at the wrists).

hands cleaning Coronavirus

  • Safety distances:

Avoid built-up areas and try to keep at least 1 meter away from other people, especially if they have been exposed.

Cooking process

  • Cough/sneeze carefullyCough sneeze carefully coronavirus

  • Cook food sufficiently,

    especially meat and eggs.

How can your health insurance help you?

  • Dedicated phones

In case of possible doubts about a contamination, your health insurance company has a number dedicated to coronavirus 24 hours a day:

Axa : 910 782 197

Sanitas : 917 252 901

Adeslas : 932 593 416

DKV : 976 991 199

  • Video consultations

With your health insurance you will be able to make video consultation with a specialist. You will need to download the application, register and you will then be able to get an appointment during the day.

Download the App here : (links for IOS and Android)


Android :

Applications coronavirus




The DKV company also offers an application (available for everyone): Quiero cuidarme más (Android : Quiero cuidarme más). and will provide video consultations, chat , coach digital…

In order to decongest the health system due to the Coronavirus crisis, DKV allows volunteer doctors to register on their App "Quiero cuidarme más" and to carry out video consultations by offering part of their free time. If you are a doctor and you want to take part in this initiative follow the link below:

Some companies, such as Adeslas, also have their own video consultation service but from the online customer area.

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If you want to know more about how your insurance currently works in relation with Coronvirus COVID-19 read our last article: Insurance and Corononavirus COVID-19: How does it work?

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